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“Leolightdesign is a unique consultancy as it offers the professional skills of the lighting designer combined with a deep understanding of human responses to light and lighting. There are few practitioners with knowledge in this growing field of light and health and who also have the ability to interpret the scientific research into lighting design. These special skills place the leolightdesign consultants among the major design teams in this country.”

Peter Stone



Former Chairman of the Lighting Devision of CIBSE, 1983

"We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light”


“Learn to light a candle in the darkest moments of someone’s life. Be the light that helps others see; it is what gives life its deepest significance.”

Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

"A Warrior of Light is never in a hurry. Time works in his favour; he learns to master his impatience and avoids acting without thinking."

Paulo Coelo, The Warrior of Light



We are surrounded by light. Already in 1973 Louis I. Kahn, the famous architect, wrote:

“Material lives by light. You are spent light, the mountains are spent light, the trees are spent light, the atmosphere is spent light. All material is spent light.”

Whilst light is invisible to our eyes, we need it to see the beauty of our surroundings, to see each other and to see our tasks at hand. Alltogether light is essential for visibility.

What is less known is that our body needs light to be well. Especially sunlight or bio-active lighting is vital for human health as it gives our life rhythm. We as lighting designers specialising in light & health want to take lighting beyond illuminating spaces and creating best visibility for us to see our computer screen and our work in front of us. We, at Leolightdesign offer to integrate the right amount and quality of light into our lighting design solutions to benefit people.


Light & Health

Light gives our life rhythm, regulating our biological clock and providing a sense of wellbeing. Today it is possible that artificial light like natural light can meet the needs of the visual AND perceptual systems.

Leolightdesign plans lighting specifically to meet those vital needs. Our lighting designers can create lighting solutions which set the biological clock and as a result entrain the circadian rhythms to the local time on Earth.

The amount of light received at the eye, the spectral properties, the spatial distribution and the timing and duration of light exposures can be used to promote both alertness and entrainment of the circadian rhythm of people in their work environments, students and teachers in educational environments, cancer patients, and people with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Leolightdesign has the understanding to integrate the benefits of light on health into their lighting designs process.

Maturing Eyesight

Everyone needs good light, as we get older optical changes occur in the eye, less light is able to enter our visual, perceptual and circadian system. From the age of forty onwards we find that it becomes more difficult to focus on close-up work, colours appear less vivid and the contrast of objects is reduced. Driving at night can be challenge. Scattered light from oncoming headlights makes night driving more difficult, producing disability glare. This is worse for older drivers because of their increased intraocular light scattering and glare sensitivity because of the brightness of the headlights.

Leolightdesign understands the beneficial effects of light and plans lighting solutions to facilitate the changes that commonly occur in the maturing eye.

Lighting for Elderly

Everyone needs exposure to quality, natural light on a daily basis. Yet the reality is that many older people spend a great deal of their time indoors under artificial lighting, and do not benefit from natural light, which can have a far reaching and profoundly negative effect on their health and living needs. Light deficiency can ultimately cause disruption to the circadian system. However, used effectively, lighting can have a positive impact on their well-being, health an capability, leading to improvement in vision and the body’s perceptual system. This can enable older adults to see well to perform their daily tasks and to find their way round with ease in their living environments without the risk of falls.  To achieve these conditions requires not only the involvement of the lighting designer but also of the architect and the client. Light is an important design tool and by integrating the benefits of light can make a positive difference to the lives of older people. Designing innovative lighting solutions can provide a comfortable visual environment as well as enhance their health and well-being.


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