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Independent Lighting Designers

Leolightdesign is an independent & creative lighting design practice working in close partnership with developers, architects, project managers and with other design disciplines. Whilst we plan sustainable LED lighting utilising innovative lighting technology for commercial and residential projects, we specify energy efficient lighting products using the latest lighting management control technology sourced from UK and European manufacturers, which we can have supplied and delivered to site.

Creative Lighting Design Team

Innovation, creativity and passion are the keystones to our success in illuminating architectural spaces for people. We at leolightdesign ensure that our lighting design solutions are imaginative and original. Whilst both founders hold a MA (Res) into Light and Health, Nuala successfully completed a BA (Hons) in Interior Design whilst Sandra graduated with a BA (Hons) in Interactive Arts &Creativity. She held numerous international and UK exhibitions showing her light sculptures and interactive light installation art work. The latest being at the Luminale in Frankfurt, Germany.

Sustainable LED Lighting Design

Sustainable LED lighting has been a founding principle of the practice, and is fully integrated into our designs. Our approach to design is driven by the fundamental belief that good lighting design should reduce the carbon footprint in the built environment. We favour daylight conditions but believe that sustainable lighting should not compromise function and visibility. We plan and deliver innovative LED lighting schemes that are energy efficient and cost effective to run. Sustainable lighting design is about creating lighting conditions for best visibility of tasks, a pleasant visual working environment and the wellbeing and health of the people.

Human- Centric Lighting Solutions

We put people at the centre of our lighting solutions, because we know that it is light which sustains human life. Human-Centric Lighting, ‘brings natural light indoors’, which can support our circadian rhythm, enhance concentration, improve sleep and our overall well-being. No other lighting solution mixes light intensity and spectral qualities to mimic the varying conditions of daylight. Our Human- Centric Lighting solutions using the latest technologies, we can create conditions for good work performance and quality of life.

“I had forgotten how much light there is in the world, till you gave it back to me.” 

Ursula K. Le Guin, A Wizard of Earthsea


Light has the greatest effect on us humans. Not only does it enable us to see. Light stimulates us, and influences our moods and activity levels. Although the lighting industry recognised that lighting was not just about seeing the task at hand, today lighting engineers still calculate photometric data of luminaires and lamps to provide the correct amount (quantity) of light for people to see well. Yet in the 1990s, a lighting model was proposed which looked holistically at lighting. Instead of purely concentrating on light levels, the quantity of light, the model also considered the quality of light. When applied into any indoor environment, good ‘quality lighting’ balances the needs of people, considers economical and environmental issues and enhances architectural spaces.

Architecture & Space

Modern lifestyles are all too often lived indoors, shut away from natural light. Both architects and lighting designers can work together to maximise and control incoming natural daylight.

Leolightdesign takes light, lighting and architecture serious! We assess first the quantity, quality and depth of sunlight coming into the building before we design a lighting scheme to show the beauty of architecture and use lighting to highlight architectural details.

At the same time an architectural envelope offers a space, which can be filled with visual and biological-active lighting so that we can live an indoor lifestyle whilst enjoying sunlit lighting conditions.

Environment & Economy

Any sustainable lighting design today needs to be able to show that the design solution safeguards global resources. Therefore it needs to be assessed across its lifecycle!

Quality lighting starts with the mining of ‘rare earth elements’ needed for LEDs, continues with wattage consumption per lumen output and ends with the safe disposal of electrical and electronic equipment waste.

Leolightdesign is passionate about protecting our planet. We like to maximise daylight indoors and complement it with good quality lighting to reduce energy costs for owners, add value for investors and to provide people with vital benefits of light and lighting.

Human Factors

Throughout our entire life we need sunlight to see well and also set our biological clock.

Good quality lighting provides the required levels for visual performance and contributes to human wellbeing.

Leolightdesign creates a pleasant working environment, which enables interpersonal communication, enhances motivation and productivity and provides for safety. As lighting designers we have a responsibility to ensure that the desired daily light dose is sufficiently received by people living and working indoors because lighting is an integral part of the built environment. Our design team knows how to support our quality of life.


  • First steps to realise Lighting Design Project

    Stage 0

    Our lighting design team listens to what you want to light. Together we come up with a strategic plan to realise the lighting project. In addition Leolightdesign identifies the core lighting project requirements. At the end we assemble a lighting design project team to achieve best results.

  • Prepare Lighting Design Project Framework

    Stage 1

    The lighting design project framework includes desired lighting outcomes, a project execution plan and a schedule of required design services. Our lighting design team looks at the site information and discusses light management controls as well as sustainability aspirations. We further sketch down a timescale and budget for your lighting design project.

  • The Lighting Concept drives the Design

    Stage 2

    Our lighting concept originates from visualising the final lit environment. While it underpins the entire lighting design process, it also guides every design decision. So that we can ensure unity and simplicity of the lighting design. At the end of this stage we have agreed on a Final Project Brief.

  • Lighting Scheme in Progress

    Stage 3

    Developing your lighting scheme is exciting. We can be creative and push the boundaries, because at this stage nothing yet is final. It can be a slow process of testing, discarding and developing ideas. To progress the lighting design we calculate photometric data of the luminaires. This helps to create the first architectural drawings of […]

  • Technical Lighting Design Solution

    Stage 4

    Leolightdesign has finished their design work when they have completed the technical drawings, luminaire schedule and costing of the lighting solution. The designers show the position of every specified luminaire in the technical layout drawings. We record all lighting equipment in the luminaire schedule. We also include the quotations of the lighting manufacturers.

  • Electrical Installation of Lighting Scheme

    Stage 5

    The electrical installation of the lighting scheme consists of 1st & 2nd Fix. 1st FIX. Our design team has drawn the position of every luminaire on the technical layout drawings. So that the electrician can wire the lighting scheme with ease. 2nd FIX. The electrician installs the specified light fittings and lamps.

  • Setting Lighting Atmosphere of Lighting Scheme

    Stage 6

    We set the lighting atmosphere once the electrical contractor has wired up all luminaires and chandeliers. We begin with directing the light sources onto objects, architectural details or artefacts and sculptures. Then we orchestrate the light levels of different fittings to create harmonious lighting atmospheres. Before we hand over the fully controlled lighting design solution […]



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