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The Victorian Corn Exchange (1864) in Leeds is flooded with daylight minimising the use of energy and maximising the quality of indoor life
2010 © Sandra Decker

Sustainable lighting design secures energy and sustains our lives lifeonment

corn exchange in leeds is flooded with daylight sustaining energy resources

Sustainable lighting design – sustaining energy and life

Leolightdesign aims to deliver lighting solutions that are energy efficient and cost effective to run. At the same time we also create visually pleasing working and living environments that provide good quality lighting to sustain the human need for light and to ensure good quality of life.


We specify energy efficient lighting products

We specify up-to-date lighting technologies from lighting, lamp and control manufacturers, who have sufficient research data available and have a transparent carbon reduction scheme in place. Leolightdesign favours daylight conditions, but when natural light levels are too low, chooses environmental compatible lighting products, such as environmental friendly lamps, LED lighting, energy saving lighting gear, movement and daylight sensors, and smart monitoring controls systems.


Sustainable lighting design saves cost

Sustainable lighting design by leolightdesign uses energy efficient lighting products and technology to secure global energy resources for today and future generations. The advances in lighting technology within recent years make a minimum of 40% saving in electricity bills possible.


Sustainable lighting design provides good quality of life

Essentially energy efficient lighting schemes are not about energy consumption. Sustainable lighting design is about the right lighting conditions for best visibility of tasks, a pleasant visual working and living environments, and the wellbeing and health of the people exposed to the energy efficient lighting solution. In short sustainable lighting design creates conditions for good work performance or quality of life. The right visual lighting environment enables people to be motivated, productive, and perform well in whatever they do.


The benefits of sustainable lighting design

A benefit for people

Sustainable lighting design saves energy costs, while providing good quality lighting for people.

A benefit for the planet

Carbon dioxide emission is lowered, which protects our environment.

A benefit for profit

Any progressive organisation adds value with an energy efficient lighting design to their business and profits from showing corporate social responsibility.


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Leolightdesign provides energy efficient lighting designs specifying environmental friendly lighting products to create green lighting design solutions for commercial and residential lighting design projects

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