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Commissioning Light Art, a Light Sculpture or a Light Installation

Impressum/ Imprint

©  Copyright 2009 - 2011

by leolightdesign, Manchester, UK

Leolightdesign Light Art creates light installations and light sculptures exploring our relationship with light and space

All rights reserved/ Alle Rechte vorbehalten

AutoCAD Detail of the Doodle light sculpture,
2010, © Nuala Morris

Leolightdesign takes commissions for light art, light sculptures or art installations

Leolightdesign offers you the opportunity to discuss any light art projects you have in mind and is able to take on commissioned light installation work.


Light  Art  created  for businesses, investors, collectors or private

As light artist I create tangible encounters with light, colour and space. Each piece of my work has a unique and detailed concept. I express my ideas with light and create a meaningful light and space experience.


Discuss your light art project with Sandra Decker


drawing detail of light installation