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by leolightdesign, Manchester, UK

Leolightdesign specialises in light and health, good lighting design for the maturing eyes to sustain independence and to enhance quality of life. Lighting consultants consider glare, contrast, colour, adaptation, light levels and other specific visual conditions to provide the best lighting design solution to meet the needs of the individual and the elderly.

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MATURING EYE sustained independence video on maturing eyesight

Good quality lighting for the maturing eye

Access to light is a human right

Leolightdesign, lighting design consultancy specialising in light and health is based on the conviction that the access to light is a human right.


The maturing eye needs more light

Everyone needs good levels of light and as we get older we all need even more light. Our vision deteriorates with age due to the physiological and pathological changes that occur within the eye. Light entering the eye is focused on the retina at the back of the eye, which transmits any visual signals to the brain. As the eye ages, less light reaches the retina. To overcome the problems resulting from this change, the eye needs significantly more light than when aged twenty to perform the same visual task.


Slow adaptation to varying light levels and glare

In addition, the eye looses flexibility, and consequential the maturing eye takes longer to adapt to changes in lighting levels or illuminance. The light transmission qualities of the eye also deteriorate with age. Therefore lighting design for the maturing eyesight has to consider and control glare.


Just as important is the colour and illuminance contrast for the maturing eye. The lens becomes more opaque with aging and the surrounding objects are more difficult to see because the contrast for example between chair and table is significantly reduced. The aging lens and cornea causes glare by light scattering and the yellowing of the lens causes some reduction of the eyes ability to discriminate blues and blue-greens.


As lighting consultants we have studied the physiology of the human eye and understand the beneficial effects of light and utilise lighting to compensate for the changes that commonly occur in the maturing eye. We design good practical lighting solutions specific to people’s special visual needs. Good Lighting can compensate for the lack of natural light and good lighting should expose older adults to spectral qualities which promote physical, emotional and mental well-being. Indeed, good quality lighting will help people of all ages to live independently for much longer, to enjoy a comfortable visual environment and it enhances the quality of life.


good lighting design for maturing eye sustains independence

Good quality lighting is important for maturing eyesight