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Installation artist Sandra Decker

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the light artist sandra decker who created the doodle light sculpture

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Leolightdesign Light Art creates light installations and light sculptures exploring our relationship with light and space

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Sandra Decker, Installation Artist & Sculpturor

I knew that I was creative and I wanted to find a creative language to express myself. I chose to study Art and Design in the UK and found that true creativity happens outside the boundaries of tradition. The first time I stepped into the realm of freedom, I was overwhelmed by ‘nothingness’. Yet I soon discovered exploring this boundless space that ‘nothingness’ consisted of endless possibilities and that I could create from within using my own imagination.

At that time I started to rebel against the educational authority who wanted me to create ‘pleasing’ or ‘provoking’ art objects to ‘look at’.

Instead I wanted people to ‘experience’ darkness, light and space.

In my view the intangible, invisible quality of white light makes my work a sensual experience. It is however important to understand that while I create light installations as an opportunity for a sensual experience; it is the subjective experiences of the participants which are paramount in the encounter with light and space.

In order for people not just to sense light art, I decided to research into the possible relationship between coloured light and emotional responses. My study identified the visual pathway of coloured light into the brain and investigated whether one colour provokes one emotion, as so readily believed.

Today I combine creativity, conceptual art, and my knowledge into coloured light and health and use them to create light installations which enable participants to visually and non-visually experience light and space.

My intention is to create an encounter with light. The participant is transformed through the subjective experience of light. Ideally people feel that they are immersed in light and therefore experience their inner aliveness.