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by leolightdesign, Manchester, UK

Leolightdesign specialises in Light and Health. Both Lighting Consultants have researched the effects of light on health and wellbeing and incorporate their lighting research knowledge in the benefits of light on health into healthy lighting designs. We aim to fill your living and working environment with light vital for a good quality life and a high standard lifestyle.

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LIGHT AND HEALTH lack of light right lighting

Lighting research finds evidence that light is essential for wellbeing

Lighting researchers agree that a relationship between light and health exists and have identified evidence, which support that the right quantity and quality of light and lighting enhances our wellbeing.

It is essential to provide good quality lighting when wanting to create a healthy living and working environment. Higher light levels can regulate our body rhythms and balance our hormones, thus sustaining a healthy physical and mental life.


Leolightdesign creates healthy living and working environments

It is essential to understand light in order to plan artificial lighting which is conducive to a healthy living environment.

Both lighting consultants specialise in light and health and understand how light contributes to wellbeing and integrate the known benefits of light on health into their good quality lighting design solutions.

Leolightdesign believes that when you choose to light your living and working environment with the right quantity and quality of light specific to your visual and non-visual needs that the good quality light and lighting can enhance the quality of our lives.  



The right quantity and quality of light is fundamental for healthy living