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Art Nouveau Villa in Assmannshausen, D
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Art Nouveau Villa in Assmannshausen

Professional lighting design for your home environment

We offer you the opportunity to bring lighting designers in to professionally illuminate either your new or existing homes.

Day and night your needs for light are met

As lighting consultants and designers, we understand the benefits of light for your health and well being and we sculpt light specially to suit your needs.

We can make a difference, offering a personalised lighting design solution for your home environment that is flexible to take you through from dawn to dusk and through the evening and night creating different atmospheres.

The services we offer you

Professional lighting designers for private clients

  1. Initially we discuss your lighting project intentions with you.
  2. Then we explore your lighting preferences and your specific needs for light and map out your lighting requirements.
  3. Next we recommend the quality of light you need to illuminate your living environment in order to enhance the quality of your life. We also make suggestions on types of lamps, e.g. LEDs, types of light fittings, e.g. pendants or recessed light fittings, controlling lighting, e.g. dimming and cost-effective and energy efficient lighting.
  1. Lighting Design Concept,
  2. Exploration of Lighting Design Options, and
  3. Lighting Design Solution in form of lighting layout plans and list of lighting equipment.

Detailed lighting design service

The detailed lighting design entails three stages:

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