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The light installation ‘Time in space, space in time’ is a giant human sundial and provides us with an experience of our relationship with the sun.

In a classic sundial the source of shadow is usually a metallic rod, called the ‘style’ and is used for the measurement of time. In this human sundial the metal style is replaced by individual participants. The shadow everyone casts on the ground indicates his or her finite lifetime in the great scheme of the solar system. The light sculpture ‘Time in space, space in time’ provides us with an opportunity to experience our ‘time in space’ slipping away, highlighted with the gradual movement of the shadow.

The style, in the centre of the stainless-steel sundial of the ‘Time in space, space in time’ light installation, supports the participants when they lie parallel to the earth’ axis, the axis through the earth’s poles. A dial is mounted perpendicular to the style on the height of participants’ eye-level. The 2 m Ø dial represents the biggest circumference of our planet Earth, the Equator. While individuals’ eyesight is protected from the intensity of the sun with a Mylar filter, the participants can see from the centre of their world beyond the Equator and observe safely the motion of the sun. Since the beginning of time the daily path of the sun across the sky has indicated time. Participants of the ‘Time in space, space in time’ installation can personally experience the infinity of time. The light installation ‘Time in space, space in time’ wants to remind all of us that we take up a small ‘space in time’.

Concept idea behind Time in space, space in time

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Time in space, space in time - a giant sundial, light installation by Sandra Decker

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