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by leolightdesign, Manchester, UK

Architectural lighting design, commercial lighting design solutions,residential lighting design and light installations in Manchester, Liverpool, Chester, London, Cheshire, Derbyshire, Lancashire, Yorkshire

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Midday daylight conditions in Cheshire, UK

We are independent lighting designers

Leolightdesign is an independent lighting design practice specialising in light and health. We advise on, design with, research into and educate on LIGHT and LIGHTING for both commercial and residential projects.

We provide good quality lighting

As an innovative lighting design practice we endeavour to provide good quality lighting so that people live, learn and work well under our lighting design schemes.

We adhere to CIBSE guidelines

Leolightdesign ensures that lighting regulations are met and that the right light is provided to guarantee best visibility.

We know the benefits of light on health

Further both lighting partners have been actively involved in lighting research. Because they understand the physical, physiological, mental and emotional effects of light, they can integrate the benefits of light on health into unique lighting design solutions.

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