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Sustainable living design

Both, Stommel Haus and leolightdesign respect the standards of low energy and sustainability.

Lighting for healthy living in timber houses

Illuminating a timber house with often high ceilings open into the roof ridge and a lot of solid timber is not the easiest of tasks. The lighting consultants and designers from leolightdesign plan lighting solutions and sculpt light to suit the needs of the home owners.

Barbara Fischer-Clark of Stommel Haus about leolightdesign

Barbara Fischer-Clark of Stommel Haus UK says: "In our pursuit to continuously improve the product and ensure that our clients have a house of excellent quality with the unrivalled feel-good climate of a Stommel Haus, we found the need for good lighting very important. Leolightdesign are the ideal partners as their expert skills and understanding of architecture, light and health complement our skills to build contemporary timber houses for the benefit of home owners and a sustainable future."



Good quality lighting reveals the beauty of timber houses and fuels the body with energy

Nuala Morris and Sandra Decker of leolightdesign say: “We believe that good quality lighting is an important part of architecture. Designing the lighting in a timber house is a wonderful and challenging task, revealing the beauty of the timber and underlining the craftsmanship of a Stommel Haus. Today we know from lighting research that the spectral energies of light fuel our body, regulate our biological clock and stimulate our emotional and mood states. We use our research knowledge, utilise the known benefits of light and translate them into unique lighting design solutions.”

Leolightdesign lighting consultants specialise in the benefits of light on health

Peter Stone, Former Chairman of the Lighting Division of CIBSE says:

“Leolightdesign is a unique consultancy as it offers the professional skills of the lighting designer combined with a deep understanding of human responses to light and lighting. There are few practitioners with knowledge in this growing field of light and health and who also have the ability to interpret the scientific research into lighting design. These special skills place the leolightdesign consultants among the major design teams in this country.”



Low energy and sustainable lighting design for Stommel Haus

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