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Commercial lighting design solutions in the UK, residential lighting designs in Manchester, Cheshire, Derbyshire, Lancashire and Yorkshire enhancing architecture, protecting the environment and benefiting people.

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Natural light sustains life

Without light we live in total darkness. Light is invisible, yet it makes our world visible. Our lives have evolved under the presence of the light of the sun. Today we understand that the spectral energies of light fuel our body and regulate our biological clock.

Indoor lifestyle

We spend more and more time indoors, and as a consequence we often lack the essential energies of sunlight.

Artificial light with daylight qualities in your environment

It is vital that artificial lighting has the quality of daylight so that our personal needs for light are met.

Leolightdesign provides more than just artificial lighting. We replicate the quality of daylight and bring it into everyone’s home and to their working environments.

Imagine what it must feel to live in a room filled with sunlight!

Light for people