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Leolightdesign creates light art

Light Art, Light Sculptures and Light Installations

Leolightdesign wants people to ‘feel’ light. Sandra creates unique light sculptures and light installations as an opportunity for a sensual experience with light and space.

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Light Sculptures


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Light Installation Artist Sandra Decker


Do you consider commissioning  Light Art?

Sandra Decker takes commissions to produce pieces of Light Art, Light Sculptures or Installation Art.

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Time in space, space in time

The light installation Time in space, space in time is a giant human sundial and enables us to explore our relationship with the sun. Participants observe the path of the sun and experience the infinity of time. At the same time they watch their own time slip away in the movement of their shadow on the ground.

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Time in space, space in time
A giant human sundial
2008 © Sandra Decker

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Leolightdesign Light Art creates light installations and light sculptures exploring our relationship with light and space

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