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Leolightdesign specifies environmental compatible products

In the Victorian Corn Exchange in Leeds daylight does not penetrate into the lower basement. Here artificial ambient lighting balances out the visual contrast between bright daylight and the relative darkness in the restaurant and cafe area.
2010 © Sandra Decker

Environmental compatible lighting products

Environmental compatible lighting products can be described as energy efficient lighting products made of environmental friendly materials using energy-saving manufacturing processes, produced close to the location of final installation, more efficiently packed in order to reduce packaging waste, and which lighting components can be recycled after its life span.


Leolightdesign specifies environmental compatible products

Leolightdesign provides good quality lighting design and specifies environmental compatible lighting products from lighting manufacturers with a transparent environmental policy. We check lighting products like lamps, lighting gear, and luminaires for environmental compatibility and energy efficiency and specify only products in which we are confident that they comply with sustainability legislations.


Environmental friendly lighting products create a pleasant working and living environment

Fluorescent lighting and compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) and LED’s are some of the most economical and durable light sources available. In conjunction with appropriate electronic control gear their lighting efficiency and lamp longevity are further improved.

Low energy lamps, movement sensors and smart monitoring controls systems can provide people with a varying degree of lighting performance to suit their specific needs. As a result, operating costs are significantly reduced and sustainability targets are met, while at the same time offering the end user a pleasant illuminated working and living environment.


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What we consider, when choosing environmental compatible products?


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