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Impressum/ Imprint

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by leolightdesign, Manchester, UK

Leolightdesign specialises in Light and Health. Both Lighting Consultants have researched the effects of light on health and wellbeing and incorporate their lighting research knowledge in the benefits of light on health into healthy lighting designs. We aim to fill your living and working environment with light vital for a good quality life and a high standard lifestyle.

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Our aim is to create an environment filled with light vital for life

Light is a fundamental need for healthy living

Leolightdesign believes that light in life is a fundamental human need. Both lighting consultants believe in providing good quality lighting design solutions that not only illuminate and enhance the architectural spaces but consider the wellbeing of people. Therefore Leolightdesign has adopted a humanistic approach to the lighting design of interior environments. Sufficient light is made available to meet the human needs as well as fill the interior living environment with light.


Leolightdesign lighting designers have  researched and know the benefits of light on health

Both lighting design partners have a strong research background on the physiological, physical, psychological and mental effects of light on health and well being. Leolightdesign consultants have researched the visual and non-visual, known as the biological effects of light on the human body. They utilise their knowledge on the benefits of light and lighting to create lighting design solutions that meet the visual and biological needs of the people.


The aim is to fill the environment with light vital for life

Nuala’s and Sandra’s intention is to design a lighting scheme so that people while experiencing the energy of light and colour, can enjoy joie de vivre. The aim is to create an environment filled with light vital for life.