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Leolightdesign provides energy efficient lighting designs specifying environmental friendly lighting products to create green lighting design solutions for commercial and residential lighting design projects

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Considerations when choosing lighting products

Edison Household Bulbs are not energy efficient and will no longer be available by 2010, but they could be totally recycled into glas, metal and porcelain.
2010 © Sandra Decker

What we consider, when choosing environmental compatible products?

Leolightdesign inquires where the lighting products are manufactured and where the resources come from.


Lighting products and lighting technology

Leolightdesign reviews:

The light output efficacy or how much wattage is used to provide the amount of light.

The product life span or how many estimated hours of lamp life are indicated.

The hazardous materials or what kind of hazardous gases and how much hazardous gases are the lamps filled with.

The energy consumption or how much energy does it use to operate.

We also consider the dimmability of lamps, electronic control gear, sensors, and lighting management systems.


End of electric and electronic life

Leolightdesign also looks into if lamps or lighting equipment can be recycled.


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