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Dynamic lighting design, biological lighting design, active lighting design for residential and commercial lighting design projects, like high specification developments, private homes, luxury penthouses, elegant apartments, retirement villages, nursing homes, education, offices, headquarters and hospitals. Leolightdesign uses European lighting products, innovative LED technology and  state of the art lighting management control systems to mimick the rhythm of daylight in Manchester, Liverpool, Chester, London, Cheshire, Derbyshire, Lancashire, Yorkshire

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Dynamic lighting mimics the changes of daylight and has biological effects on the body

What is dynamic lighting?

Dynamic lighting design is not a static lighting solution, it mimics the variation of daylight and sunlight. Dynamic lighting changes in the level of brightness and warmth to complement the biological rhythm of the human body.  


Biological or non-visual effects of dynamic lighting on the body?

The effects of good quality lighting extend much further than what was once thought. Research has shown that light entering the human eyes has, apart from a visual effect, also an important non-visual - biological effect - on the human body.


Furthermore the quantity and quality of light regulates certain hormone, particularly melatonin and cortisone, levels in our body.

For example when there is sufficient artificial lighting, it lowers the hormone melatonin, also known as the sleep hormone, we feel active and full of energy.


The biological effects of dynamic light stimulate the biological clock also known as the circadian rhythm. A dynamic lighting solution enables us to be more active during the day and helps us to have a good night sleep.